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Will McDonald, co-captain of Ball Hogs

NBA league is, without a doubt, the most popular national league on the planet. Many young men, lying in bed, are dreaming to participate in this super-thrilling basketball competition. They imagine facing the best basketball players in the world in front of a wild crowd in the stands. However, a lot of them don’t accomplish their dream in their adult days.

One of the guys who never played in the NBA is Will McDonald. It stays his biggest regret until today, but he made it to play overseas and in the Big3 league. Let’s check Will’s playing biography in the next couple of paragraphs.

What was Will’s experience at Combine in 2019?

McDonald didn’t have experience playing in NBA before going to the Combine in 2019. Combine is an annual event where potential members of Big3 show their potential and talent in front of scouts. Will didn’t know many players who appeared at that event, so he was feeling stressed out before the start. On the other hand, the hero of the story had a strong motivation to fight for his place in the league.

Without any specific expectations and relevant experience, Will was himself and gave the absolute maximum at Combine. This experience helped him in his development and learning process as a player and person.

How did the process of adjustment to Big3 go for McDonald’s?

McDonald’s style of play is perfectly suited to Fireball’s format, so the adaptation went well for this player in 2019. He was picked before start of third Big3’s campaign by Ball Hogs.

His performance against Enemies in the second round of that season was very good and his appearance was well remembered. Another fact that made the process of adjustment easier for our hero was the many injuries on his roster. Consequentially, Will McDonald got a chance to play a lot in the beginning and used the chance to attract the attention of many Big3 teams to him.

Which players represented Ball Hogs in the 2019 campaign?

Brian Scalabrine aka “White Mamba” is a power forward who represented many NBA teams in his career, including New Jersey Nets and Boston. After an episode in Benetton, he retired and decided to play Big3.

Josh Childress is a small forward or shooting guard who wore Atlanta’s, Brooklyn’s, Phoenix’s, and New Orleans jerseys in the most popular national league in the world. Josh is known as a very intriguing and popular figure in American basketball circles.

Finally, shooting guard DeShawn Stevenson played for a lot of NBA clubs before turning his sight to Fireball.

How successful was the 2019 season for Ball Hogs?

Jermaine Taylor was a player who joined the squad along with Will McDonald. Brian Scalabrine was a captain, while Josh Childress and Deshawn Stevenson were co-captains of the roster.  

Will and his teammates hoped they could reach the playoff, but they ended the season disappointed and sad. Only one victory and seven defeats put Ball Hogs in last place in Big3’s standings.

However, the guys from Ball Hogs were highly motivated to finish the campaign with a consolation victory.

How did Will perform in the first and second seasons of Big3?

Will adapted to the team in his inaugural season and was the best pointer of his team. He also made assists and opened space for his teammates to shoot. In his second campaign, the team’s strategy changed and McDonald started to sacrifice his personal result for the team’s success.

He shot less and this type of tactic paid off as Ball Hogs made two wins more compared to the 2019 season. Over time, the hero of our story became more mature and understood the game better. Eventually, this kind of behavior got him the role of co-captain of the roster

Which characteristics does McDonald have as a player?

Will is a strong and athletic rim protector who has massive experience of playing in different countries. Throughout his career, he represented teams from Spain, China, Argentina, etc. This center is having big constitution so it’s very hard to guard him. Also, Ball Hogs players can shoot and have the necessary level of creativity in their performances.

 Logically, McDonald’s biography is telling that he can adapt to different playing environments. All coaches praised him for his commitment, teamwork, and dedication to the team’s results in exchange for personal glory.

What happened with McDonald’s team in Big3’s fourth edition?

The arrival of Jodie Meeks, a former NBA player and a winner with Toronto, made a good atmosphere inside the team. Before becoming a member of Ball Hogs, Jodie had 11 years of experience in the most popular national league in the world. Meeks, USA’s shooting guard, is also well-known as a brutal sharpshooter.

Leandro Barbosa, a Brazilian point guard, played for many NBA teams and left a good impression on every one of them. Leandro decided to join Ball Hogs hoping that he could make a quick impact on the team’s performances in Fireball. Will’s new colleague who is famous for his speed and long-range shots also represented the Brazilian national squad.

Supporters gave huge support to their team, so Ball Hogs entered a new season and challenges with big aspirations and ambitions. Despite that, the roster finished the campaign with three wins and five losses which were enough for eighth place in the standings. Jodie couldn’t contribute to better Ball Hogs result with his powerful long-range shots, while Leandro couldn’t take the team to the playoff with quick and easy lay-ups.

All coaches and players could do was to prepare, make new strategies, and work harder for the 2022 season.

What occurred with Ball hogs in the 2022 campaign?

After the disappointing end of the previous campaign, Kuran Iverson and Stacy Davis IV reinforced the roster. Despite a poor couple of seasons, spectators always believed in this squad and they continue that habit in 2022. Powerful trio Will McDonald, Leandro Barbosa, and Jodie Meeks looked very strong and promised a successful road to the playoff.

However, Ball Hogs ended the season in last place with only one win and five defeats. The only victory was recorded against Triplets in the third round with 50-48 as Leandro Barbosa scored deciding basket. It was time for rethinking the team’s strategy.

What does Will McDonald think about the Big3 league?

His thoughts are that Fireball is a massive investment and will further grow. Will is really eager to see what the progress of Big3 will look like in the upcoming period. In his opinion, all necessary steps are taken and that will result in expanding the competition.

Additionally, Will McDonald praises all of Ice Cube’s and Jeff Quatinetz’s ideas and innovations. This player thinks that rule Bring the Fire is contributing to the excitement of spectators in the stands. That rule means that every team can challenge the one foul per half which is followed by in-game one-on-one possession. Finally, the winner’s team wins the call.

This power forward marked the last couple of campaigns in Fireball wearing Ball Hogs jersey successfully. 

Of course, his name must have flown under the radar for many spectators who didn’t hear of this talented center. The former basketball star represented a lot of clubs in Europe, Asia, and America during his 19-years career abroad.

Finally, Will settled in Ice Cube’s and Jeff Quatinetz’s project. McDonald is hoping that a few good years are in front of him. He is working hard to be ready for upcoming challenges, so we should not be surprised to see even better performances from him.

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