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Triplets, former champions of Big3

Big3 has only three champions in its history. Power and Trilogy are two teams that have won the Fireball in the previous five years. Can you guess the name of the remaining team who lifted the trophy? Lisa Lesley and Joe Johnson are the first associations for this club. If you cannot still guess, I will help you.  

They are Triplets. Their name is written with golden letters in the history of the most popular 3×3 club competition in the world. Their path in the Fireball had many ups and downs and it’s compelling to spectators all over the world.

What were their beginnings?

Triplets were found in January 2019. Joe Johnson was appointed as captain immediately as he signed with the club. The arrival of Joe Johnson to the Big3 was a big boom among the 3×3 basketball audience.

Al Jefferson who also played for Utah in NBA got the co-captain role in the team in 2019. Al had significant NBA experience and came into Big3 as a very respectable player.

Jannero Pargo was brought as reinforcement to the squad. Jannero took the second co-captain role. Jannero, the older of the two Pargo Brothers, became a member of Triplets and already had the reputation of a dedicated player.

Who took charge of Triplets in 2019?

Lisa Leslie  became Triplets  coach in 2019. Lisa was an ex-basketball player and she won the MVP award three times in the Women’s NBA league. Leslie wore a USA shirt and was best in Olympic Games four times. Triplets coach lifted trophies in the World Cups two times. Those are amazing achievements for her.

This lady played in the center position during her lucrative career. An interesting fact is that she is the first woman who dunked during a WNBA game. Her club career is specific. Lisa represented the team Los Angeles Sparks for 11 seasons with whom two WNBA championships are won.

Which players were picked during the 2019 draft?

Chris Johnson was chosen in the first round of Draft Pool 2018 by Triplets, but he was sent to the Ghost Ballers right away. Chris played in power forward and center positions. His most famous clubs in NBA were Portland, New Orleans, and Boston. 

Triplets brought Alan Anderson from the second round of the Draft. Alan had an international playing career and his position was shooting guard and small forward. Among other clubs, Anderson played in Charlotte, Toronto, and Brooklyn Nets. 

Sergerio Gipson was picked in the third round in that summer draft. Gipson is famous because of his accurate long-range shots. This player didn’t get a chance to play in NBA. However, Sergerio dominated in European basketball as he was a four-time champion of the Dutch League.

Which place did the Triplets take in the standings of the 2019 season?

Triplets ended the regular part of the season with 7 victories and one 1 defeat. This team took 1st place in the 2019 season and qualified for the playoff. 

Triplets beat Three Headed Monsters with 50-39 in the semifinal of Best Four. Joe Johnson’s team won against Killer 3’s in the final with 50-39. Triplets became champions of Big3 for the first time.  You can recall what the full final game was like here:

Joe Johnson won the MVP award and Lisa Leslie received Award for the Coach of the Year. Joe also was a statistical leader in the highest number of points per fixture – 21.9. The same player got the accolade for the highest number of assists per game – 3.9.

How did the Triplets roster look in the 2021 season?

According to Big3’s rule, Triplets didn’t have the right to choose new players from the Draft since they won the title in the previous season. Their squad remained almost identical as in the 2019 season. Members of the roster who stayed loyal to the team were Joe Johnson, Sergerio Gipson, Alan Anderson, Al Jefferson, and Jannero Pargo. 

The squad was strengthened by the arrival of Jamario Moon. Jamario represented Cleveland and Toronto in the most prestigious national basketball league in the world. Moon performed in a small forward position and he was looking forward to collaborating with legend Joe Johnson.

What was the result of Triplets in the 2021 season?

Triplets finished the regular season with a 2-4 score. They took 11th place which was a devastating result for them. It was not sufficient for participating in the playoff which is the culmination of the season.

The performance of whole teams was not on the required level. Ambitions ahead of the start of the season were enormous and they were not supported by the result.  

Something in the chemistry and mentality inside the team was not good. Board and players started discussing what can be changed before the new challenges. They mainly focus on the tactic and strategy of play.

Which players were brought for the Big3 fifth season?

Jeremy Pargo, younger brother of Jannero Pargo, joined Triplets ahead of the 2022 season. Jeremy played in NBA for Memphis, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Golden State. Pargo represented teams in the point guard position.

Triplets signed Ryan Hollins from the first round of the 2022 Draft Pool. Ryan is a center and power forward. Hollins performed in NBA for Dallas, Minnesota, Cleveland, and Los Angeles Clippers etc. This player was brought to strengthen the already strong squad.

Alonzo Gee was chosen in the third round in the 2022 Draft. Gee is a very precious part of any team with his playing characteristics. Alonzo is playing in shooting guard and small forward position. This player was a star of Washington, San Antonio, Cleveland, etc.

How successful was the 2022 season for Triplets?

Everybody in Triplets had big expectations for the fifth season of Fireball. Unfortunately, this team ended the season with 2 victories and 4 losses. It was not enough for attending the Best Four team contest. 

That score was sufficient for 11th place in the Big3 standings at the end of the regular part of the season. The team was feeling disappointed and sad after that kind of culmination. It was somehow clear that reconstruction of the roster was needed for the upcoming season.

Who are the best coach and players in Triplet’s history?

Lisa Leslie is the best coach of Triplets. Her coaching style is unique and she is passionate beside the line that separates the court from the rest of the stadium. Lisa is the dedicated mentor of the player and is worried about their well-being on and off the court. 

Her award for Best Coach of the year in male 3×3 basketball is not accidental. A lot of work has been invested in getting those results. 

The best player in Triplet’s history is, without a doubt, Joe Johnson. Joe is the best by all measurable parameters. 

Joe said that he was not a great pick-and-roll player at the beginning of his basketball career. Playing alongside many legends like Kobe Bryant, Vince Karter, and others taught him many valuable lessons. Johnson grew up to player who can score decisive shots in the crucial moments of the fixture.

Triplets have exciting history despite the fact they participated in only three seasons in Big3. It’s enough to mention Lisa and Joe and you will figure out how big this club is. His magnitude is even bigger if we know they were the champion of Fireball in the 2019 season. 

This Big3 brand is growing gradually and developing into one of its biggest symbols. We can expect some sort of changes ahead of the 2023 season since Triplets couldn’t qualify for a playoff in two previous consecutive seasons. All we can do is follow carefully news about them. 

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