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The history of the Polish 3×3 team

One of the countries which marked the last decade in 3×3 basketball is Poland. This country participated in many tournaments and had some important wins that are remembered even now. Let’s dive deep into their participations in major competitions and see what those victories are.

Which result did Poland achieve in their first appearance at a big tournament?

Poland was a relatively anonymous country in 3×3 basketball circles ahead of the start of the 2014 World Cup. However, they qualified for the planetary championship which was organized by Qatar. Piotr BarszczPrzemyslav LewandowskiTomek Rudko, and Michal Wojtynski were Polish players in that tournament.

Polish national team competed with Tunisia, Czech Republic, USA, Netherlands, and Germany in pool A. Piotr Barszcz and his colleagues lost only to Tunisia in the group stage and earned a ticket for the last 16 phase. Heroes of our story beat China in that round before losing to Russia in the quarterfinal with 21-17.

How was the Polish performance in their first-ever Euro Cup?

3×3 basketball fans had mild hopes regarding the performances of the national team before the start of 2016. The first-ever continental championship for heroes of these paragraphs was the 2016 Euro Cup which was held in Romania in September. Members of the Polish squad were Filip KenigNorbert Kulon, Przemyslav Lewandowski, and Przemyslav Rduch.

Filip Kenig and his teammates competed in group C along with Netherlands and Czech Republic. The Netherlands defeated them, while the Czech Republic was beaten. Poland took second place in the group standing, qualified for the quarterfinal, and suffered a loss against Slovenia with 21-14.

How far did Poland go in the second competition in 2016?

After playing in the elimination stage in the 2016 Europe Cup, Poland participated in the planetary championship in October of the same year. Polish national squad members in this tournament were: Filip KenigPrzemyslav Lewandowski, Przemyslav Rduch, and Michal Wojtynski.

The Polish national team played in group C together with Spain, Hungary, the Philippines, and Romania. Filip Kenig and his teammates lost all four fixtures and ended the tournament in the pool stage. It was a big disappointment and Polish players felt they let down the 3×3 basketball supporters in their country.

How did Polish players react to enormous disappointment in the 2016 World Cup?

Poland qualified for the 2017 Europe Cup and players of that country set mild expectations ahead of the continental championship. Szymon Rduch,  Przemyslav RduchArkadiusz Kobus, and Dawid Brek represented their nation in this tournament.

Poland fought for a place in the elimination stage with Ukraine, Qatar, Estonia, and Sri Lanka in pool C. Szymon Rduch and his teammates lost to Ukraine and Qatar. Games against Estonia and Sri Lanka were won, but that was not enough for passing the group stage.

Which players represented Poland in the first big competition in 2018?

Poland didn’t participate in the 2017 Europe Cup but qualified for the 2018 World Cup held in the Philippines. Players who were called for the Polish national squad for the planetary championship were: Michael HicksPawel Pawlowski, Szymon Rduch, and Marcin Sroka.

Heroes of today’s story competed together with Slovenia, Estonia, Japan, and Indonesia in pool B. Michael Hicks and his colleagues lost only to Estonia in the group stage and earned a ticket for the quarterfinal. They defeated Latvia in the Top 8 stage with 21-15, before losing to Serbia in the semifinal with 21-19.

Unfortunately, Slovenia pulled out a 21-16 victory over Poland in the game for the bronze medal.

How did Poland perform in the second big tournament in 2018?

The Polish roster in the 2018 Europe Cup in Romania included Michael Hicks, Pawel Pawlowski, Marcin Sroka, and Szymon Rduch. Expectations from this competition rose after a good result in the previous planetary championship.

The Polish national squad was in group D together with Russia and Belgium. Poland ended the pool stage with a 1-1 score and proceeded to the elimination stage. However, Slovenia appeared as an insurmountable obstacle for Michael Hicks and his teammates. Slovenian guys beat them with 21-18 and crushed their dreams into pieces.

What was the result of the Polish squad in the 2019 World Cup?

Przemyslav Zamojski replaced Szymon Rduch in the Polish roster for the planetary championship organized by the Netherlands in 2019. The rest of the squad remained unchanged from 2018.

Poland had a contest against Latvia, Australia, Japan, and Brazil in pool D. Pawel Pawlowski and his teammates won three games and were defeated by Japan. It was sufficient for playing in the elimination stage against Puerto Rico.

This small country was beaten in the Top 8 stage, but the USA was too strong in the semis. Heroes of these paragraphs pulled out an 18-15 victory in the legendary game for the bronze medal against Serbia.

You can watch a full game for bronze medal here:

How did Polish players handle the pressure of winning the medals after the 2019 World Cup?

The roster in the 2019 Europe Cup was the same as in the previous planetary championship. Players were motivated and enthusiastic about the upcoming continental championship held in the Hungarian city Debrecen.

Poland fought for spot in the Top 8 stage against mighty Serbia and Germany in group A. Przemyslav Zamojski and his teammates won against Germany and lost to Bulut’s Serbia which was enough for second place at end of the competition in the group stage. They qualified for the quarterfinal where Spain defeated in a tight game with 21-20.

What was the Polish score in the 2021 Olympic Games?

The heroes of our paragraphs qualified for the Olympic Games which was already a great result. The team from 2019 remained unchanged for Tokyo Olympic Games.

The group stage included 8 teams and Poland finished the competition with a 2-5 score. Those two wins were made against ROC and Japan. Unfortunately, it was not sufficient for taking part in the quarterfinal. Debut appearance in the biggest sporting event didn’t go well for Hicks and company.

How far did Poland go in the 2021 Europe Cup?

Polish players were devastated after a disappointing result in Tokyo Olympic Games. However, they prepared for Europe Cup organized by Paris, the French capital. Poland was in group B with Estonia and Slovenia. Both countries were beaten and a ticket for the elimination stage was earned.

Przemyslav Zamojski and his colleagues beat the Netherlands before failing to Lithuania in the semis. Poland won against Russia in the game for the bronze medal with 19-18.

Which players did the Polish roster include in the 2022 World Cup?

Lukasz Diduszko, Pawel Pawlowski, Szymon Rduch, and Przemyslaw Zamojski represented the Polish nation in the 2022 planetary championship in the Belgium city Antwerpen. Poland was established as a country with quality and a good reputation in 3×3 basketball circles.

Lukasz Diduszcko and company competed in group C along with the Netherlands, Latvia, China, and Japan. They ended the pool stage with two wins and two defeats. It was enough for qualifying for the play-in round where Poland beat Mongolia with 20-17. Belgium was too strong in the quarterfinal and it was the end of the hopes of Polish fans.

What happened at the 2022 Europe Cup?

Poland qualified for the continental championship in the Austrian city Graz in 2022 and wanted to do something which was not done until then. Polish players lost to Latvia and won against Montenegro in the group and proceeded to the quarterfinal. Unfortunately, Serbia was an insurmountable barrier in the quarterfinal for the Polish guys.

Fans of this beautiful game are always finding a way to enjoy in great points of their favorite players. They are impressed and stunned by innovations in the game style of the teams they support. Sport evolves every year in terms of tactics and making decisions in dynamic surroundings on the court. Poland contributed to those trends and tendencies in a big manner.

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