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Rick Barry, unortodox NBA star and Big3’s coach

Do names like LeBron James, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, Karl Malone, and Kobe Bryan have something in common with you at first sight? With little help, all of them were prolific scorers in the most prestigious national basketball league in the world. Those stars were shooting and scoring from all areas, so fans are having deep memories and emotions regarding these sights.

One of the best examples of a prolific scorer in the NBA was Rick Barry. Impressive style with whom he played basketball and setting new standards were things Rick was remembered for. Let’s review his road to glory.

Which team was his first in professional basketball career?

San Francisco Warriors picked Rick Barry as the second overall pick of the 1965 draft hoping he can push them to the NBA title. Winning the award for NBA Rookie of the Year in 1966 scoring 25.6 points per game was a massive recognition for Rick despite the Warriors didn’t win the title.

In the second campaign, Barry overcame his personal record from the previous season averaging 35.6 points per game. That personal result is ranked eight-highest in league history. The hero of our story was in charge of a team who played the final of the NBA in 1967 which they lost to Philadelphia with 4-2.

Where did he go after the experience received in Warriors?

After spending two seasons in San Francisco, Rick got a very lucrative offer from Oakland Oats to represent them in the ABA league. Finishing the 1967/1968 season with a score of 22-56 in their debut appearance in this league forced them to boost their squad with quality players.

Consequentially, Rick averaged unbelievable 34 points per game and dominated in free throws accuracy percentages. Unfortunately, Barry missed the remainder of the campaign due horrible injury he suffered in a game against New York. Despite that fact, Oakland won the title beating Indiana with 4-1 in Final Series.

Which was the next destination on Ricks’s road through NBA?

The controversy around Oakland’s ownership marked the summer before the beginning of the 1969/1970 season. Earl Foreman, a new owner, moved the team right away to Washington with them changing the name to the capital of the USA.

Rick was very disappointed with the outcome of the situation, so he declined to join his teammates at the start of the season.

Missing out on the first 32 games due to a knee injury didn’t prevent him from scoring solid 27.7 points per game. Eventually, that was the second-highest personal average score at the end of the campaign with Rick scoring amazing 52 points in the semifinal of the Western Division.

Barry was highly appreciated for his efficiency ounderhand free technique among his teammates and rivals.

Where did Barry continue his successful career?

Signing for New Jersey Nets for 1970/1971 turned out to be a clever move by Rick as he ended the season named best scorer in the league with 29.4 points per game and best free throw shooter. However, New Jersey was defeated in Western Division’s semifinals wit4 4-2 against Virginia Squires.

The next season was better for the Nets as they progressed to the final of the ABA league with Barry’s average number of points raised to 31.5. Eventually, New Jersey’s biggest supporters were devastated after their team lost the deciding Series against Indiana with 4-2.

What was the next step of the path of this prolific scorer?

New Jersey’s release of Barry in 1972/1973 sent him to Golden State Warriors once again.

His best season on an individual level came in 1974/1975 when he averaged fascinating 30.6 points. Also, ex-W Washington small forward was named NBA Finals Most Valuable Player. His contribution to Golden State’s jersey decreased in the next couple of seasons as his relationship with teams was of lower quality.

The last two of Barry’s professional seasons in the most popular national league on the planet were in Houston Rockets.

The main flaw in Rick’s display was his arrogant temper and the way he treated his teammates during the fixture.

How was Rick’s coaching career in Big3?

Following an impressive playing career, Rick Barry accepted an offer to coach team Ball Hogs in an incredibly interesting 3×3 Big3 League. The decision caused a lot of euphoria and excitement among true spectators of Ice Cube’s project since Rick is a legendary figure in USA basketball.

The Ball Hogs squad involved Brian Scalabrine, Josh Childress, Derrick ByarsRasual Butler, and Ivan Johnson. The atmosphere inside the roster was great heading to the first-ever Big3 season. However, Ball Hogs ended the first competition’s edition with a score of two wins and six losses which was enough for seventh place in the standings.


What happened with Barry’s Ball Hogs in the second Fireball season?

Barry stayed loyal to the club believing the first season was the only time for accommodation to a new environment. Before the second campaign, Ball Hogs brought Andre Owens, Corsley Edwards, and Jermaine Taylor. 

Old members Deshawn Stevenson, Brian Scalabrine, and Josh Childress greeted hospitably reinforcements from the Draft Pool. The coach and players formed a good bond and prepared well for the challenges in the 2019 season.

Despite high ambition, Rick’s team had only one victory and recorded seven defeats during the regular part of the season which was not sufficient for qualifying for the Top 4 phase.

What occurred in Rick’s third season in Big3?

Brian, Josh, and Deshawn kept their co-captain role in the roster, while Will McDonaldJermaine Taylor, and Dusan Bulut were picked in the 2019 Draft Pool. Everyone interested in the success of this team eagerly waited for the start of the new campaign to see how new players will adapt to new surroundings.

Sadly, the season became a nightmare since Ball Hogs recorded only one win and six defeats. The miserable performances of the team confirmed that big changes are required in leading strategy. Preparations for the fourth season could start during Play offs in which the four best teams played for the title.

How successful was Barry’s Ball Hogs in the 2021 Season?

Before the start of the fourth Big3’s season, former NBA star Leandro Barbosa joined the squad in an attempt to show himself in different circumstances.

Jodie Meeks and Spencer Hawes were two other new members of the squad, so Ball Hogs formed a very respectable roster. Rick Barry’s team improved to form a little bit compared with the previous season as they had a 3-5 score at the end of 2021.

The Army of supporters was not quite happy with the scenario and place their favorite players took at the standings. After all, 8th place was not something any supporters would be pleased with.

Which result did Rick achieve with his team in the 2022 season?

Ball Hogs didn’t give up on chasing their dreams of winning the title in Fireball.Consequentially, Kuran Iverson and Stacy Davis IV were new signings from the 2022 Draft. Rick Barry was aiming to increase the level of quality of play which he thought would lead to a better result.

Unfortunately, a 1-5 score was the limit of this squad. Big3’s experts could conclude that there is a lot of space for improvement in Barry’s performance.

According to many experts, Rick is one of the greatest basketball players who ever walked on the planet. His class is permanent and his records during his playing career cannot be denied by the biggest skeptic.  

However, Big3 coaching has not been crowned with a trophy yet. The wild supporters of the character of Rick Barry are impatiently waiting for that moment to happen.

Is he going to accomplish his long-awaited goal and desire in the upcoming period? Nobody can predict precisely, but one thing is certain 100%. He will try to do that as long as objective circumstances allow it.

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