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Quincy Miller, an enormous talent from Big3

Big3 league, Ice Cube’s and Jeff Quatinetz’s innovation, has attracted more and more fans over the past couple of years. Good ideas, a fast pace of the game, and interesting rules are catchy for spectators who visit every game in large numbers.

One of the new guys in Fireball is Quincy Miller. After his basketball career was mostly spent overseas, he joined the Big3 team and that contributed to the attractiveness of the league. His basketball road is full of ups and downs. In the next couple of paragraphs, we will remind ourselves of how bumpy that path was.

How was his college career?

In 2011, Quincy Miller became a member of Baylor University and started to play for their team Baylor Bears. In the first three games, Quincy scored 17, 17, and 20 points respectively. Subsequently, he recorded his first double-double with 17 points and 11 rebounds.

His career-high individual result came in January when Miller finished the game with 29 points in a loss against Missouri. The hero of today’s story was named in Big 12 co – Freshman of the Year due to his performances in that campaign. This fantastic Miller’s show recommended him to NBA scouts who started to investigate who is this player.

Which NBA teams did Quincy play for?

Miller decided to enter the NBA draft in 2012 and was picked in the second round with the 38th overall pick by Denver.  Quincy went on to score 3.6 points per game throughout only 7 fixtures where he appeared in a Nuggets jersey in his first season.

His next club in the most popular national league on the planet was Sacramento, but this shooting guard only represented the team from California six times in season 2014/2015.

Finally, the ex-college star played in Detroit in the 2014/2015 campaign which turned out later to be his last.

Which teams did he play for abroad?

Following an unsuccessful experience in NBA, Quincy Miller wanted to try his luck outside of the USA. The road took him to Europe and Serbia where he represented Red Star Belgrade in season 2015/2016. Scoring 14.8 points per fixture was his best personal result regarding points. However, Quincy and the Serbian team parted ways after the end of that campaign.

Israel was his next destination as Miller performed for their giant Maccabi in the 2016/2017 season. Averaging 4.5 points per game due to injury was not something Maccabi’s fans hoped for before the campaign.

Which experiences did playing abroad give Quincy?

Quincy needed time to adapt to overseas basketball like every other player in those circumstances. Playing abroad for many years gave him useful lessons in life as he found out a lot about himself and his identity. A fun fact is that Miller even started to paint while representing Maccabi in Israel.

This small forward got injured in the Israeli team and was absent from the court for almost one and a half. During that time, his friends taught him to draw. Amazingly, a former college star found a new hobby in his life.

How did Quincy Miller hear about Fireball?

Ice Cube, a famous rapper and actor, has a very good reputation and integrity among all basketball players. This fact also pushed the hero of our story closer to repper’s project. Quincy Miller knew some of the guys that represented Big3 teams in its first three seasons, so he got valuable experiences from them.

Those pieces of information served him to decide to play in this very popular competition. This small forward performed very well in the Combine where all skills of potential Big3 players are exposed in front of Fireball’s scouts. Soon after that Quincy started to play for Bivouac.

How did Bivouac’s squad look like in 2021?

Bivouac chose Alonzo Gee from the first round of Draft Pool 2021.

Alonzo is playing in a small forward position and he performed for Washington Wizards, San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Nuggets, Portland Trail Blazers, and New Orleans Pelicans in the most thrilling national league in the world.

Julian Wright was picked as the second pick for Bivouac in the 2021 Draft Pool. Wright is playing in power forward and center positions representing a couple of NBA teams. Having an overseas 5×5 basketball career recommended him further to Fireball.

Marreese Speights was an addition to the squad in 2020. Speights is a center and power forward who wore shirts of Philadelphia, Memphis, Cleveland, Golden State, Los Angeles, and Orlando.

What happened in his first season in Big3?

For sure, entering Big3 was a big decision in Quincy’s 3×3 basketball career. Getting a chance to play with giant former NBA stars looked promising and magnificent to Miller. This player got an opportunity to play in team Bivouac in the fourth edition of Fireball. Many good players represented the team, so desires from the team’s fans were normally high.

Despite a lot of signings before the season’s beginning, the roster ended a regular part of the season with zero wins and six losses. Not being close to the playoff was literally experienced as a disaster among all interested in the prosperity of the squad.

How successful was the 2022 season for Quincy?

Abdoulaye N’Doye was signed as a pick from the 2022 Draft Pool to be new reinforcement in the Monsters squad. Quincy Miller joined the squad in the middle of the season, so he strengthened an already strong squad full of high-quality players.

Three Headed Monsters ended the season with six victories and two losses in second place in the Big3 standings. Qualifying for the playoff met the expectations, but there was a hope that they could go all the way. However, the team lost in the semifinal against Power with 51-49.

Which players were his teammates in Three Headed Monsters?

Finally, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf is a point guard and had a 6-years tenure with Denver Nuggets in NBA.

Reggie Evans strengthened 3 Headed Monsters in the second season of Fireball and become co-captain. Reggie is well-known in the league for his rebounding skills.

Rashard Lewis is a famous former NBA player who wore the jerseys of Orlando, Washington, Miami, and Seattle. Lewis had a captain role in the fifth Big3’s edition.

What is Quincy’s style of play?

Miller is a reliable free-throw shooter and he can score also mid-range and long-shots. His defense is very good and his team ethic is very consistent in Quincy’s case. 

Also, this small forward is well-known for his high-quality ball handling and for creating space for his own shots. The player’s size is adequate for his position as a small forward on the court and the creativity and vision of our today’s hero is on high level. 

NBA’s experts have an opinion that injuries slowed down his progress and blame them for ex-Bivouac’s star didn’t reach his full potential.

Quincy was experiencing a turbulent process that took him to the end of the stars. He is still in that process with the same level of commitment, passion, and devotion. Miller is a popular basketball figure among his fans because of his never-surrender mentality in most difficult situations.

Will he ever lift the trophy intended for the best team in Big3? Last year, the ex-Nba star was close to that result. The playoff was their achievement, but that fact shouldn’t discourage him and his team. In life, you always have a new chance with a new day. That’s how it is in 3×3 basketball, also.

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