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Killer 3’s, a team that still has to prove something

Killer 3’s has been a member of the Fireball league since its start. This team has gathered a lot of fans all around the world during these five years. Killer 3’s has the same level of interestingness as the league itself. Their existence in Big3 is turbulent and they didn’t manage to win this competition.

The next few paragraphs are going to tell you the story and road of Killer 3’s during five seasons. They are the last and eighth team I wrote about that has been participating in the 3×3 basketball American league since its beginning. Stay tuned and you will for sure enjoy reading about their biggest players.

How was team Killer 3’s formed?

Killler 3’s was founded in February 2015. Chauncey Billups, an ex-NBA star, was appointed as a captain. Chauncey was a famous player in the most prestigious 5×5 basketball league in the world. Billups played in the point guard position and the biggest clubs he was performing for were Detroit Pistons, Denver Nuggets, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Stephen Jackson was chosen as a co-captain. Stephen Jackson played in NBA as a shooting guard and small forward. Stephen represented San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, and Charlotte Bobcats.

Who was coaching Killers 3s in the beginning?

After choosing a player, it was time to choose a coach. Charles Oakley was hired as a coach of Killer 3’s in the first season of Big3. Charles had a significant NBA career where he represented Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards, and Houston Rockets.

Oakley was playing in a position of power forward. This player was considered one of the best rebounders in the most popular 5×5 national league. Charles took charge of the Killer 3’s in an attempt to win the league. Oakley was part of a long-term project.

How was the team for the first season created?

Reggie Evans was brought as the first pick in the first round. Reggie is regarded as a high-quality defensive player because of his rebounding skills. Reggie played in a power forward position in NBA for Seattle Supersonics, Philadelphia, and Toronto.

The second pick for Killer 3s was Larry Hughes who had a very interesting 14-year career. Hughes was a member of eight different teams. His position was shooting guard.

Brian Cook was the third signing in the summer of 2007. Brian was a power forward and center and represented the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, and Los Angeles Clippers.

Which was their position in the ranking in the first season?

Killer 3’s finished last in the Big3 standings with a score of two wins and six losses. It was a devastating result because estimated potential and ambition were higher. This team didn’t qualify for the playoff and had a chance to fight for the title.

The only consolation for them was their players winning individual awards. Stephen Jackson was best in the category of points per game as he averaged 21.6 points. Stephen is also the Best Trash Talker. Reggie Evans got accolades also. Reggie had the highest number of rebounds per game – 10.1.

How did the Killer 3’s squad look in the second season?

Metta World Peace made a 1-year deal with Killer 3’s in the November of 2017. Metta was a small forward and represented Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers in NBA. Big things were expected from him.

Alan Anderson was signed in the first round. Alan plays in shooting guard and small forward positions and has a significant international career besides playing in NBA.

Center and power forward Ryan Hollins was brought in the summer of 2018 and was playing in Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Bobcats. Point guard Mike James was third enforcement for Killer 3’s squad in the Draft. Mike performed shortly in NBA and went overseas to play club basketball.

How did Killer 3’s end the season?

Killer 3’s finished the regular part of the second season with three victories and five defeats. It was enough for fifth place in the standings. Things improved compared to the previous season, but the supporter’s appetites and desires were not satisfied yet.

Killer 3’s didn’t participate in the Final Four, so they started planning and dreaming big for upcoming seasons. No player from their squad received any individual award, so that season can be considered as average.

Which players represented Killer 3’s roster in the third season?

Josh Powel signed for Killer 3’s in the first round of Draft Pool 2019. Josh is a power forward and center and played for both Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers during his NBA road.

Donte Greene was picked in the second round. Donte is a power forward and center who was representing Sacramento in the NBA and went overseas to perform for some clubs.

C.J Watson was brought as the third signing in the summer of 2019. Watson is a point guard and played for Golden State, Orlando, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Indiana.

Which place Killer 3’s took in the standing in the third season?

This team took second place with 5 wins and 3 losses in the Big3 standings in the 2019 season. It was unbelievable progress from the 2018 season. Killer 3’s qualified for the Final Four and had huge ambitions there.

They defeated Power with 50-42 in the semifinal. Killer 3’s lost to Triplets in the final with 50-39. Despite the hard and convincing loss, everyone from the squad was happy. C. J. Watson was a statistical leader in the Big3 league in category three-point field goal with 69% accuracy.

You can watch here full final game:

How did Killer 3’s form the squad in the fourth season?

Franklin Nitty Session came to Killer 3’s and was appointed as a captain right away. Franklin plays in a point guard and shooting guard position. The Session was seen as a good and clever investment.

Eddy Curry was brought also to represent Killer 3’s. Eddie was a power forward and center and spent 11 seasons in the most prestigious 5×5 national league.  

Josh Powel, Donte Greene, and C.J. Watson remained a member of this team for the 2021 season.

How did this team end in the BIG3 standings in the fourth season?

Killer 3’s finished in the standings in the regular part of the 2021 season with a 5-3 score. This team continued great series of results and confirmed that they are a respectable team. They showed that we should take them into serious consideration when we talk about title contenders.

Unfortunately, Killer 3’s didn’t take part in the playoff. Trilogy went to the Final 8 instead of them and won the title in the end.

What did Killer 3’s look like in the fifth season?

Dominique Johnson was brought in the first round of Draft Pool 2022. Dominique is a shooting guard and had mainly an international carrier in Europe.

The second pick for Killer 3’s in the summer of 2022 was K.J. McDaniels. He is a shooting guard and small forward and was a player in Philadelphia, Houston, Oklahoma, and Brooklyn in the NBA.

Which place Killer 3’s took in the fifth season in Fireball?

Killer 3’s took fifth place in the standings in the Big3 with a 5-3 score. It was a similar result to the last year for them.

Killer 3’s didn’t make it to clinch the trophy so far in Big3. We can say that they were relatively close to doing it. This team has a super warrior mentality and that’s what separates them from other clubs. This story can inspire many teams to keep pushing like Killer 3‘s.

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