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Isaiah Austin, real Big3’s warrior

American basketball is a globally very popular sport and it is watched by millions of spectators all around the world. The game has a long history and produced a lot of amazing stories which inspired younger generations in their beginnings. Bill Russel, Magic Johnson, and Dikembe Mutombo are some of the most inspiring figures.

One name can be added to this group of persons. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about Isaiah Austin. This guy has an unconventional road in basketball and his story deserves to be told in the next couple of paragraphs. Let’s dive into his career.

What did Isaiah’s college career look like?

Our hero of the day enrolled in Baylor University hoping one day he can become an NBA star.

Austin recorded 13 points, 8.3 rebounds, 1.1 assists, and 1.7 blocks per game averaging 29.9 minutes in his freshman 2012/2013 season at Baylor University. Following a relatively solid performance in the debut campaign, Isaiah got an additional boost. Consequentially, this player scored 11.2 points, grabbed 5.5 rebounds, and made 1.4 assists averaging 28 minutes per fixture in the sophomore 2013/2014 season.

Eventually, this center decided to apply for the NBA draft which was held before the start of 2014/2015 without finishing the final two years at college.

What was Austin diagnosed with?

Afterwards, Isaiah found out that he had a mild case of Marfan syndrome in 2014. Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that can damage a person’s organs, like skin, lungs, eyes, etc. Unfortunately, doctors told him all the risks he can face in his basketball career due to illness.

Consequentially, ex-college star was only ceremonially picked throughout the first round of the Nba Draft. Despite the fact this center was welcomed warmly by the NBA family, his dream to play in the most popular national basketball league on the planet suddenly crashed.

How did Isaiah’s path before Big3 look like?

Isaiah Austin had a very turbulent overseas career prior to playing in Ice Cube’s and Jeff Quatinet’z project. This center represented Serbian, Chinese, Lebanon’s, and Puerto Rican teams with solid success and found a lot about basketball played in almost every part of the world.

At the same time, the hero of our story gained experience and useful pieces of advice from Andre Emmet. 

Logically, Austin really looked up to Andre. Emmet is a former NBA and Big3 player who died after being shot in 2019 during a robbery. Consequentially, Isaiah wanted to try Fireball as the next step in his lucrative career.

What happened on the 2021 Big3 draft?

Without NBA experience, Isaiah was afraid that he would be at a disadvantage ahead of the start of Big3 draft in 2021. Austin showed very good skills and talent at the Combine, but still was not sure if Fireball’s coaches will pick him. However, this star was picked as the first pick from the team Enemies. After all worry, Isaiah Austin could finally relax and celebrate the entry into the Big3. One fact that the former college player was particularly happy with was playing with ex-NBA players in the league. Subsequently, the center showed a fine display in his debut game.

How was his relationship with his teammates and coach?

The relationship between coach Gilbert Arenas and captain Nick Young is exceptional as a hero of our story is praising their relationship all the time. Chemistry and energy inside the squad are not attached to victory or defeat. They are building atmosphere as one of the most important factors and conditions for good performances.

Telling funny jokes is one of the things in their locker room. After all, it’s part of the team’s identity and gives players a boost and confidence before going on the court. Our hero of the story enjoys in that type of environment, for sure.

Which place did Enemies take in the 2021 campaign?

Before the tipoff of Big3s fourth edition, Enemies brought Jordan Hill from the second round of Draft. The team was already involved in Nick Young, Elijah Stewart, and Perry Jones III. Logically, the desires of their supporters were high.

 Despite all the reinforcements in the roster, the team couldn’t go very far in the competition. Only one win against Bivouac from six fixtures couldn’t satisfy the appetites of their fans. Reaching the playoff was still an unrealistic dream for everyone around Enemies. Consequentially, the coach and players realized there is a need for rethinking their tactics and strategy.

What happened with this team in the second Austin’s season?

Following the devastating 2019 season, Enemies picked Sek Henry and Keith Benson from the first and second round of Draft Pool, respectively. Elijah Stewart, Nick Young, and Isaiah Austin stayed members of the roster, so supporters again set big expectations regarding the team’s results.

Despite those facts, the squad won only two games in the regular part of the season. The remaining four fixtures were lost, so Isaiah’s team finished in ninth place in the standings. Not qualifying for the Best 4 phase was another disappointment for every person who loves this club.

How did the first-ever Big3 All-Star game go for Austin?

It was a massive experience for Isaiah Austin to participate in the first-ever held All-Star game in the Big3 league. He was included in team ICE which was also represented by Kevin MurphyJason RichardsonJodie MeeksDonte Greene, and Jeremy Pargo. The head coach of the team was George Gervin, a famous former NBA shooting guard or small forward.

Afterwards, the game in Atlanta consisted of very fun actions and moves of popular Fireball’s players. Next year it will be also an interesting fixture for the end of the season, for sure.

What is Isaiah Austin currently doing in NBA?

His career was very turbulent and the player realized that his road can be used to give lessons to persons that need help in basketball circles. Isaiah is currently hired in the Front office player development field where they help players to easily transition from basketball to other areas of business.

This area helps basically with some coaching courses which include some pieces of advice about coaching tactics and strategies. Also, the project is giving knowledge about the business aspect of basketball. Even though the Big3 player is not interested in coaching, Austin can proudly say that some people found jobs after a career with the aid of this program.

What was Isaiah’s style of play?

Austin can be described as a ball player despite his height. Isaiah’s versatility on the court is obvious and the former college star can play with right and left hand. Enemy’s player can score from floaters and fadeaways and his defense is especially good. His teammates can count on many blocks when he is inside the team. Finally, his team spirit is contagious and every colleague in the team praised his human and professional virtues.

After two seasons spent in Enemies, we can say that Isaiah Austin definitely left a good impression on the Big3 audience. His personality is tremendous and his virtues on and off the court are obvious. Austin’s selfishness is seen with his teammates during the games and in the project he is part of after the fixture ends.

 Logically, his loyal fans are wondering and asking themselves if Isaiah will ever lift the trophy intended for the best team in Fireball. It’s impossible to predict the outcome, but they can rather believe in such a scenario. After all, this player has all the necessary characteristics for such an achievement.

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