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Ball Hogs – one of the pioneers of Big3

Ball Hogs are one of the teams who participated in the Big3 from the first season. Eight teams were members of the first season of this interesting 3×3 basketball competition. This team can be called the pioneer of Fireball and hugely contributed to the growing popularity of the league.

You will read in the next couple of paragraphs about their bumpy road to a team with a significant reputation. Many famous basketball players performed for them during these five seasons. You will hear amazing stories about them also. Stay tuned, take coffee, sit in a chair, and enjoy. I enjoyed it while I was writing these rows, for sure.

How did the Ball Hogs project start?

Ball Hogs were formed on March 8, 2017. Brian Scalabrine was appointed as a captain right away, and Josh Childress got the role of co-captain. Brian Scalabrine aka “White Mamba” is a power forward and played in New Jersey Nets, Boston Celtics, and Chicago Bulls during his NBA career.

Josh Childress has a significant NBA career and plays as a small forward or shooting guard. Both were precious signings for a new project in Fireball. That’s how the official story about this appreciated team in 3×3 basketball circles started.

Who was the coach of Ball Hogs in the beginning?

Rick Barry was coach of Ball Hogs in the first season. Rick was a recognizable figure in American basketball. The audience remembers him as a very efficient scorer and an all-around player with a variety of playing skills. Rick was performing in a small forward position.

The biggest clubs Barry was representing during his playing career were Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, and New York Nets. He got recognition to be among the greatest 50 basketball players in NBA history. His underhand shooting of free throws was unique and special.

How was the team for the first season in Big3 formed?

Derrick Byars was picked in the first round of Draft Pool 2017 by Ball Hogs. Derrick was a small forward or shooting guard. His most famous club in NBA was San Antonio and was drafted into NBA in 2007.

Ball Hogs chose Rasual Butler in the second round of the Draft in the summer of 2017. His 14 year-long career in NBA was a good recommendation for him in Big3. Rasual played in small forward and shooting guard positions and also represented San Antonio Spurs. 

Dominic McGuire was drafted in the third round and plays in a power forward or small forward position. Dominic performed for many NBA clubs.

Which was their position in the standings at the end of the first season?

Ball Hogs finished the season with 2 wins and 6 losses. They took 7th place on the final ranking in Big3 in the 2017 season. It was disappointing for them because of a huge investment in a squad before the start of the competition.

No player from Ball Hogs received any individual prize or was a statistical leader in a certain playing category. This year can be characterized as beyond average for this team. Ball Hogs decided to change some things for the next challenges.

Who was appointed as their second co-captain in 2018?

Ball Hogs named DeShawn Stevenson as second co-captain in 2018. It was a big honor for him. Deshawn is considered a very prolific sharpshooter in the Big3. A 13 year spell in NBA was a good introduction to his Big3 career. His defense is also very famous because he was successful in guarding LeBron James.

How did the Ball Hogs squad look in the second season?

Andre Owens was picked in the first round of Draft Pool 2018. Andre is a shooting guard and played in Utah Jazz and Indiana Pacers. Owens tried to chase his happiness in Europe in Russia, Spain, Serbia, etc.

The second pick in the summer of 2018 for Ball Hogs was Corsley Edwards. Corsley is playing in power forward and center positions and also tried his luck in European leagues. 

Jermaine Taylor was the third signing in the Draft for this team. Jermaine is a shooting guard and is supposed to be big enforcement in the Ball Hogs squad. Houston and Sacramento were his teams in NBA part of his career. Brian Scalabrine and Josh Childress remained members as captain and co-captain of their roster for the 2018 season.

Which place Ball Hogs took in the 2018 season?

Ball Hogs finished seventh in the season with a score of 1 win and 7 losses. Ball Hogs finished in 7th place in the Fireball standings. Ball Hogs had another bad result especially if we know that they made reinforcement of their roster.

No individual recognition was received for any of Ball Hogs players. No player was a leader in any statistical category. They realized that big changes are required for future temptations.

Who was in Ball Hogs squad in the third season?

Will McDonald was chosen in the first round of Draft Pool 2019. Will was playing in the power forward and center position McDonald was having a mostly international career. He was picked as pick for Ball Hogs in the summer of 2019. 

Dusan Bulut was the second signing for Ball Hogs during that summer. FIBA warned him that he will not be able to play Olympic Games after performing in Big3. Dusan decided to withdraw from Fireball for that season. 

Xavier Silas was added to the roster in July of 2019. Silas is a shooting guard and point guard and played two games for Boston and Ball Hogs came into the third season with big ambitions.

How did Ball Hogs end in the 2019 season?

Ball Hogs finished the season with one victory and seven defeats. They finished in seventh place in the Big3 standings. It was another devastating performance of this squad and sadness for their spectators. Xavier Silas was a statistical leader in Ball Hogs in 4points field goal percentage. Xavier was sharing a leading place with Shannon Brown, Teddy Gipson, and Brandon Rush.

How was their roster formed in the 2021 season?

Jodie Meeks was brought into the Draft Pool 2021. Jodie is playing in a shooting guard position. Meeks played in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit, Orlando, Washington, and Toronto. Everybody expected a lot from him. 

Leandro Barbosa, shooting guard and point guard, joined them also. Former NBA player gave them versatility in the offensive part of the play. 

Spencer Hawes became the third signing of Ball Hogs in the summer of 2021. Spencer had 10 years of experience in the NBA which could be helpful to this team.

Which place Ball Hogs took in the Big 3 in the fourth season?

Ball Hogs finished last in the standings with a 1-5 score.

What did the roster of Ball Hogs look like?

Stacy Davis came to the Ball Hogs as the first pick. Stacy is a center who played mostly in international leagues.

The second option for Ball Hogs in the 2022 Draft pool was Kuran Iverson who played in Memphis Grizzlies. Kuran is not the most efficient shooter but can help any team with his aggressiveness in the paint.

How did Ball Hogs end the fifth season?

Ball Hogs finished last in the Fireball standings in the 2022 season with a score of 1-5.

Ball Hogs still has not justified expectations from their fans. They are struggling at finding the best lineup for the biggest challenges. However, this team is not giving up on their hopes for the future. That’s a thing we have to appreciate and respect.

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