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A compelling story about Enemies

2017 was a crucial year for the development of 3×3 basketball as Americans know it today. The idea of Fireball was released that year by a famous rapper and entrepreneur. Nobody had a feeling that this project will grow to the heights it has today.

Amazing points and assists are frequent in the Big3 league since the first game in this competition. Many former NBA players took Fireball very seriously and they want to offer the best version of themselves.

The attention of the Big3 audience is also directed to the last team I will write about –Enemies. They are actively participating in this fascinating Ice’s and Jeff’s project from 2019.

How did the Enemies story in Big3 story start?

Enemies have formed three years ago. Gilbert Arenas was named captain of this team right away after its forming. Gilbert had an 11-years long career in NBA. Arenas represented Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, Orlando Magic, and Memphis Grizzlies in a point guard position.

You can watch here best moments from performances of Gilbert Arenas in debut season:

Perry Jones took the co-captain role of Enemies in 2019. Perry, power forward and small forward, was performing for Oklahoma City Thunder from 2012 till 2015. Jones played later overseas for some Turkish and Greece clubs.

Lamar Odom joined the team as second co-captain ahead of the start of their debut season in Big3. Lamar had significant experience playing in high-quality 5×5 basketball leagues like NBA. Odom performs in a position of power forward and small forward. This player wore a shirt from the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks.

Which players did Enemies pick on the 2019 Draft Pool?

Enemies brought Royce White in the first round of the 2019 Summer Draft. Royce was performing in Rio Grande Valley Vipers, Reno Bighorns, Sacramento Kings, and London Lightning. White is a power forward and Enemies set big hopes for him.

Craig Smith was picked in the second round of the 2019 Draft Pool. Smith wore shirts from Minnesota, Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trail Blazers, and some international teams. Craig is playing in the power-forward position.

Frank Robinson was chosen as the third pick that summer. Frank is a shooting guard and small forward who played for many European teams.

Which position did this team take in Big3 2019 standings?

The team we are talking about took 11th place in the Big3 standings with three wins and five losses. It was evaluated as an average performance by Fireball’s experts.

The Enemies didn’t qualify for the playoff. They could learn what their mistakes are and try to prepare better for next season.

Which players were in the roster of Enemies in 2021?

Enemies chose Isaiah Austin from the first round of the 2021 Draft Pool. Isaiah went overseas and played in different teams outside the USA. He is considered as a very talented player in a center position. 

Jordan Hill was brought from the second round of the Draft in the summer of 2021. Jordan was a power forward and center who wore shirts of the New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Indiana Pacers, and Minnesota Timberwolves. There were huge expectations from this signing.

Who joined the Enemies squad in 2021?

Perry Jones remained part of the squad in 2021. Ambitions of the team were enormous ahead of the fourth Big3 season.

Nick Young, a shooting guard, became a member of Enemies in April 2021. Nick is a player with great quality and he represented Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, and Denver Nuggets.

Elijah Stewart is a small forward and his career before Big3 was very interesting. Stewart performed for Napoli, Cluj, Slask, Helsinki, etc. Board of Enemies believed that this player could offer them accuracy in long-range shots.

How successful were Enemies in the 2021 season?

Enemies ended the regular part of the fourth season with one victory and five defeats. This team took 11th place in the Big3 standings. That score was not sufficient for attending the Best Four contest. 

Enemies’ players felt disappointed and demotivated after such a bad experience. Mistakes continued to repeat after their first participation in Fireball. Board figured out that some corrections in strategy are required to have better performances and results. They sat with players and decided together to have a deeper conversation about what doesn’t work in their game. 

What happened with this team in Big3’s fifth season?

Nick Young, Isaiah Austin, and Elijah Stewart stayed loyal to Enemies for the 2022 season.

Sek Henry was chosen as the first pick for the Enemies in the Draft Pool 2022. Sek played basketball in Spain, Israeli, French, and many other leagues. Henry represented teams in shooting guard and point guard positions.

Keith Benson was brought in the second round of the summer draft in 2022. Benson was picked as the second pick in NBA in 2011 by the Atlanta Hawks. This center or power forward was playing after in Italy, the Philippines, Belarus, etc.

Which place did Enemies take in the 2022 season?

This team finished the regular season with a 2-4 score and was another average performance of Enemies. They couldn’t improve drastically from the previous season. The playoff ticket was not won and the players were simply not good enough to go to the top four teams in the standings.

Everybody interested in the progress of the team I write about today started giving suggestions on what can be improved in tactics. We will see if the conversations will pay off in the Big3 2023 season.

Who is the most famous player who played in Enemies?

Gilbert Arenas is the most famous player in Enemies history. As we mentioned, he represented many NBA clubs. Gilbert got the nickname “Agent Zero” because of the number on his shirt and his amazing ability to score in the dying moments of the fixtures. Arenas received one more nickname – “Gibby”. 

His creating skills were fascinating to the audience and the supporters were enthusiastic to come to the court to see his moves. During his playing career, one of his flaws was not understanding the game completely. Despite his potential and talents, he didn’t search enough for what good individual performance consisted of.

Who is the current coach of Enemies in Fireball?

Gilbert Arenas is the coach of Enemies since 2019. His coaching philosophy consists of focusing on the development of his players. Gilbert has special tools and instruments to measure their improvement. Team ethic is important characteristic Arenas looks for in his players. 

This coach spends a lot of time analyzing the games and performances of his squad in the past. He believes hard training and practicing can lead to better displays on the court during the game. Gilbert is learning all the time from other experts and wants to share that knowledge with his roster.

Enemies try hard to reach the top of the Big3, but they don’t manage to do that in the previous three seasons. This team is constantly changing the profiles of players in their roster but fails somehow to qualify for the playoff. There are a lot of oscillations in their performances over the past three years and the reason is not discovered yet.

Consistency in the management of the squad is noticeable as Gilbert Arenas is leading them for three long years. Persistence is needed in their hopes and longings to clinch the trophy in Fireball one day. Surrendering is worse than defeat. 

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