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3’s Company – a team with constant potential

Big3 has a huge diversity of talent and many things to offer to his most loyal supporters. One part of that diversity is 3’s Company, a team that is always present in Fireball’s combinations. The popularity of the 3×3 league has grown steadily and the logical repercussion was an increase of spectators who support this team.

Their existence in the Big3 league has its ups and downs, but they remained an interesting team to observe and watch. This is a short story about 3’s company which will tell you how they established themselves as a club with a stable reputation in 3×3 basketball circles.We start!

Which date was 3’s Company formed?

3’s Company was founded on March 8, 2017. Allen Iverson was appointed as 3’s Company’s captain and DerMarr Johnson was selected as the team’s co-captain. Allen was a shooting guard or point guard and the peak of NBA was at the Philadelphia 76ers. Iverson earned individual accolades as he was MVP in NBA of 2000-2001 season, but didn’t win the trophy. 

DerMarr Johnson plays in shooting guard and small forward positions and played seven seasons in the most popular 5×5 basketball league in the world. The teams were Denver, Atlanta, San Antonio, and New York.

Who was the first coach of 3’s Company?

Allen Iverson took the role of coach of 3’s Company in the first season of Big3. Famous ex-NBA star accepted to join Big3 league. It was a completely new thing for Iverson to manage a team from the bench and in court. Allen didn’t have experience as a coach when he took this responsible role.

Iverson got used to being led by high-quality coaches during his lucrative NBA career. After the opening game in the inaugural season of Fireball, this player decided to retire from play to be able to focus on coaching responsibilities.

How was the roster in the first season made?

Andre Owens, shooting guard, was brought in the first round of Draft Pool 2022. Andre played with the Utah Jazz in 2005/2006 and after that with Indiana Pacers in 2007/2008. Later Owens played in Europe in Turkey, Russia, Spain, and Ukraine.

3’s Company signed Ruben Patterson as their third pick. Ruben played during his NBA career as a small forward and shooting guard. Ruben spent the majority of his career in Portland TrailBlazers.

3’s Company made deal with Mike Sweetney in the second round. Mike was playing in New York and Chicago before he tried his luck outside the American continent. His position was a power forward.

Al Thornton was undrafted at first, but later joined Iverson’s team. Al played for various NBA teams in the position of small forward and power forward.

How did 3’s Company finish the 2017 season?

This team had 3 wins and 5 losses at the end of the regular part of the first season. It was enough for fifth place in the Big3 standings. The top four spots guaranteed playoff, so 3’s Company missed the opportunity to attend the Final Four.

Comfort for them was winning individual accolades. Andre Owens had the highest number of steals per game in the league – 1. DerMarr Johnson made the highest average number of blocks – 0.8. Al Thornton gave a contribution by scoring off the bench and became 4th Man of the year of the league.

What happened with the coach of 3’s Company in 2018?

Allen Iverson left the bench of 3’s Company because he decided to put attention to his project. Michael Cooper, ex Los Angeles Lakers player, substituted him.

Michael won the NBA championship five times even though his professional career lasted only 12 years. Cooper was chosen for the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award in 1987. Many of his rivals thought that he was one of the best players they played against. His appointment as coach of 3’s Company was expected to raise the degree of quality of the Big3 league.

What did 3’s Company squad look like in the second season?

3’s Company had big ambitions for the upcoming season. At the end of 2017, Baron Davis joined 3’s Company as the team’s newest co-captain. Baron performed 13 seasons in the most popular basketball league on the planet. Davis played in the position of point guard and attended All-Star games twice in NBA. DerMarr Johnson became the captain of the team.

Drew Gooden, power forward, made the deal with this team in early 2018 and right away got the second co-captain role. Gooden played 14 seasons in NBA and scored 11 points and made 7.1 rebounds per game.

Andre Emmet was signed as the first pick, Jason Maxiell as second, and Derrick Byars as the third signing on draft pool 2018.

Who were the signings for the 2018 season?

Andre Emmet is a strong player with an offensive orientation who can score inside the paint and outside the arc. Andre spent parts of two seasons in NBA teams Memphis and New Jersey. 

Jason Maxiell had 8 years of tenure in Detroit Pistons and played in a power forward or center position. 

Derrick Byars is a small forward and shooting guard. Derrick was drafted in 2007 by Portland and played later shortly in Chicago and San Antonio.

Where did 3’s Company end in the standing in the second season?

3’s Company ended the regular season with a 5-3 score. This team finished third in the Big3 standings which was an excellent result after the first season. Cooper’s squad qualified for the playoff where they played in the semifinal against 3 Headed Monsters. 3’s Company won against 3HM with 50-28Power beat 3’s Company with 51-43 in the final. 

You can watch full game here:

Second place was a huge improvement for this club. Andre Emmet got an Award for 4th Man and Best field goal percentage for 4 points- 100%.

What was the roster of 3’s Company for the 2019 season?

Baron Davis, DerMarr Johnson, Drew Gooden, Jason Maxiell, and Andre Emmet stayed in 3’s Company. 3’s Company finished as runner-up in the previous season, so they picked only one player on Draft Pool in 2019.

It was Dijon Thompson who played on shooting guard position usually. During the European part of his career, Dijon was a small forward. Thompson was playing for Phoenix in NBA and spectators expected him to make 3’s Company capable of winning the trophy in Fireball.

Which place did 3’s Company take in the third season?

This team finished the season with four victories and four defeats. 3’s Company ended fifth at the end of the regular competition in the third season. Five teams had 4-4 score. They missed narrowly to qualify for Final Four in 2019.

Players from 3’s Company didn’t receive any individual accolades. That season can be characterized as unlucky for that club.

How did the squad look in 2021?

Mario Chalmers was added as co-captain in May 2021. Mario is a point guard and represented Miami for seven years in which he won two titles. Andre Emmet was killed in 2019.

DerMarr Johnson and Drew Gooden remained members of 3’s Company.

Jeremy Pargo strengthened the team in the first round of Draft Pool 2022. Jeremy was a player in Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Memphis. Younger brother Pargo is playing in a point guard position.

Ryan Hollins was picked in round 2. Ryan had a significant NBA career and can open space for his teammates on both sides of the court.

How did this roster finish in the standings in the fourth season?

3’s Company took disappointing 9th place with a 2-4 score. It was a huge blow to hopes of this team that they could become champions of Big3. This team was not even close to participating in the Final Four.

How did they make the squad for the fifth season?

Brandon Rush made deal with 3’s Company and became their Co-Captain for the 2022 season. Brandon is recognizable as an excellent shooter and he is attracting a lot of attention from opposing defenders.

Michael Beasley joined 3’s Company as co-captain in May of 2022. Michael is a power forward or small forward and can score from a variety of positions on the court.

Julian Wright was brought in the first round of the draft pool. Julian went to play overseas in countries like Greece, Russia, Puerto Rico, etc. His speed and strong constitution can help any team. Alex Scales plays on shooting guard position and was picked in round 2. Alex is known as a player who has a huge international career.

What was 3’s Company ranking in the 2022 season?

3’s Company ended the season with 3 wins and 4 losses which were enough for seventh place. They started the season well but later their form fell. Qualification for Final Four remained the only dream for them.

This team made it to the big final once and was so close to winning the title. 3’s Company almost felt and touch the trophy, but it slipped away from them. It’s important to notice that many supporters like that club because of the players and passion inside their roster.

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